Sara Antonio recently wrapped the international phase of shooting scenes for the feature film "Other Versions of You." Produced by Paper Ghost Pictures and directed by Motke Dapp, "Other Versions of You" is a romance/adventure story; after the girl he loves gets married, Diggsy Ellston explores parallel universes to find another version of this girl who will love him back. Sara plays the role of Suzette Larking, the object of Diggsy's affections. 

The cast and crew shot in numerous breathtaking locations in Iceland, including Reykjavik and Vik (and other scenic locales along the way), as well as in the French Riviera, basecamping in Cannes and making daytrips to Nice, Eze and other destinations.

The film will complete shooting in Nashville, Tenn in 2016.

On set in Eze, France