Sara Antonio recently wrapped the domestic portion of filming "Other Versions of You,a feature film produced by Paper Ghost Pictures and directed by Motke Dapp. Filming took place over four weeks in multiple locations throughout Nashville, Tenn. This completes principal photography for "Other Versions of You," culminating footage previously shot in Iceland, including Reykjavik and Vik, as well as in the French Riviera. 

The unique love story set in parallel universes allowed Sara to play multiple versions of the same character, a dream come true for an actor. In preparation for the challenging task, Sara studied the work of actors with similar responsibilities, including Tatiana Maslany, who won an Emmy for her mesmerizing work on "Orphan Black."

As Suzette Larking, Sara stars alongside Kris Wente as Diggsy, Brittany Belland as Daphne and "Total Divas'" C.J. Perry (aka: Lana) as Gwyneth. The film has key cameo appearances from notables, including former Titans player Eddie George, Travis Nicholson ("Still the King") and Alan Powell ("The Song").

Film synopsis:

Diggsy Ellston has been in love with Suzette Larking since he was a boy. When Suzette gets married to another man, Diggsy meets a stranger who offers him an unbelievable gift: the unusual possibility of finding another Suzette. This offering comes in the form of a key that opens doors into parallel universes. Universes where other versions of Suzette may not only exist, but where one of them could even possibly love him. Sounds magical, but there's one major catch: Once Diggsy uses the key, he can't go back; he will forever leave everyone and everything he has ever known. Diggsy's hesitation lies in the strong bond he shares with his sister, Daphne, but he justifies his decision to leave on the belief that she wants him to move on in life. With every new universe comes a new decision: Stay or leave? Settle or keep chasing the dream of finding a Suzette who will love him? Diggsy's journey is filled with comedy, heartbreak, adventure, and a heavy dose of fish out of water.